Ayurveda / Ayurvedic Services


What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is to your body what planting is to your garden. Just as you need to put the proper seeds, soil, and water levels into your plants, you also need to put the proper foods, food temperatures, oils, and exercises into your body. Ayurveda, an ancient Indian practice, is known as both an art and science to healthy living. It encourages metabolically beneficial habits and mindful life decisions. During an initial consultation, a certified Ayurvedic practitioner will analyze your constitution (known as your prakriti) and how your body interacts with the environment based on your habits of diet, exercise, routine, and stress management. Ayurveda works with nature to return proper balance to your body, mind, and soul. It heals the digestive system, calms the nervous system, tones the muscles, and nourishes the skin.



Ayurvedic Consultation

Discover how an Ayurvedic consultation can provide simple yet profound life-changing recommendations for diet, lifestyle, and routine. You will learn how your body, mind, energy and spirit are affected by your 3 bio-energies, known as “doshas” of vata (air), pitta (fire), and kapha (earth). You will learn how much water you need daily (and at what temperature), what type and intensity of exercise is best for you, and what foods and spices are compatible for your constitution (prakriti). You will learn breathing techniques compatible with your current state, which will move you toward effective meditation. We will also teach you techniques such as self-massage for sleep issues and dry brushing for lymphatic drainage and skin rejuvenation. Based on your personal goals and challenges, we will offer the preparation and rejuvenation therapies and can refer you to a Panchakarma clinic for specialized therapies, if needed. An Ayurvedic consultation can help you balance your inner-rhythms the way nature intended

Ayruvedic Therapies

The body therapies offered at re:fit are specifically designed to rejuvenate and restore vitality to the mind, body, and spirit. These Ayurvedic therapies are called “Rasayana,” and they help replenish the nervous system, nourish muscles and tissues with herbs and oils, and rejuvenate the adrenals. Many of the therapies are designed to focus on a particular region, muscle group, or organ system of the body. Re:fit also offers detoxification therapies such as steaming and udavartana, which can be treated in conjunction with adjustments to foods and herbs.

Ayurveda treatments can stand alone or can be used in conjunction with a consultation and in a series for deeper balancing and maintenance of health. Ayurvedic treatments at re:fit include:

  • Ayurvedic Oil Massage (Abhyanga)
  • Shirodhara
  • Basti Treatments
  • Bolus Treatments
  • Udavartana Massage
  • Panchakarma

Ayurvedic Oil Massage (Abhyanga)

Nourishes and soothes all tissue layers of the body

After evaluating your current physical and emotional state, our therapist chooses the optimal herbal oil blend which is warmed and applied during your massage. The therapist also customizes a personalized Ayurvedic massage technique to bring you back to your balance (prakriti). Abhyanga balances your physical and emotional state while nourishing your skin.

  • A 60-minute appointment includes a warmed oil Ayurvedic massage.
  • A 90-minute appointment can include a foot massage (Kansa Vatki) before the Ayurvedic massage.

Foot Massage (Kansa Vatki)

Detoxifies body, induces relaxation

  • Foot Massage (Kansa Vatki) brings you back to ancient India where a special 3-metal bowl is vigorously rubbed on the soles of the feet to detoxify the body while inducing tremendous relaxation. This fast and relaxing form of detoxification is available at re:fit separately or can be used in conjunction with Ayurvedic oil massage or head and scalp massage.

Ayurvedic Head and Scalp Massage

Supports nervous system

  • Ayruvedic Head and Scalp Massage relaxes your mind while supporting the nervous system by reducing stress, stimulating the lymphatic system, eliminating toxins, and relieving neck and shoulder stiffness. The touch points and light pressure increase oxygen in tissues which improves circulation, concentration, and reduces migraine pain.

Shirodhara drops you into a deep relaxed state so your mind can reset itself. Warm medicated oil is streamed continuously over the “third eye,” known as the 6th Chakra below the forehead. This treatment is usually combined with a full ayurvedic oil massage. This technique soothes and nourishes the senses and is recommended for chronic headaches, insomnia, and anxiety. It is especially helpful for those experiencing stress with too much activity.



Basti Oil Treatment shows what heat can accomplish for localized pain. A circular dam made of dough is placed around the perimeter of the painful area and filled with a specified heated oil. This treatment has a proven efficacy in head, eye, and low back pain, sciatica, and degenerative knee and neck conditions.

  • Kati Basti: This oil treatment is beneficial for healing back pain.
  • Netra Basti: This oil therapy is beneficial in relieving eye strain, redness and dryness.
  • Uro Basti: This oil therapy is beneficial for frozen shoulders and release of deep emotional blockages.

Bolus brings you back to the ancient days of Ayurvedic massage using warmed bolus bags. The bolus bags are filled with either sand, rice, and/or fresh herbs dependent upon the goals of treatment. The properties and aroma of this treatment helps increase circulation, improve paralysis, remove toxins, strengthen the back and spine, and reduce stiffness and inflammation in muscles and joints.

Udavartana reveals how an ancient and customized herbal powder formula can invigorate both your body and soul, making your frame feel lighter. This treatment provides exfoliation and lymphatic drainage and helps to reduce cellulite, tone muscles, improve blood circulation, and ease joint pains. In addition, Udavartana encourages weight loss by increasing the basal metabolic rate and creating heat for improved digestion and metabolic function.

Panchakarma, known as “five actions,” proves the wisdom of Ayurveda, as it is designed to open blockages, nourish the physical body, and access the subtle body where unproductive emotions and thoughts obstruct our energetic flow. The 3 doshas/bio-energies of vata (air), pitta (fire), and kapha (earth) are separated from tissue, moved back to the open organs, then eliminated to return harmony in the body. Panchakarma involves three steps: the preparation (techniques to separate excess doshas from tissue), the five actual therapies (performed at specialized clinics), and rasayana (using herbs to create rejuvenation). Each Panchakarma is unique, dependent upon the imbalances and goals. The entire process can be condensed into just 5 days, but usually takes up to 30 days for complete rejuvenation.