Additional Therapies


Therapeutic Massage Treatments

Therapeutic Massage Treatments calm your inner soul and focus on the painful areas of the body. Stimulating these areas helps the body to energize and re-balance itself, healing both the body and mind.   Whether stimulating, deep or calming, therapeutic massage combines a blend of Mayan, Marma Point, neuromuscular, abdominal, and sports massage techniques.

Deep Tissue Massage works layer by layer while concentrating on specific areas of pain using deep pressure and slow strokes.  It aims to release chronic tension and toxins in the body and improves pliability with scar tissue, sometimes using essential oils.

Bemer, re:fit’s latest cutting-edge technology, sends a safe signal to the body which increases blood flow and oxygen to even the smallest blood vessels. Bemer enhances cardiac function, endurance, energy, concentration, immune system, and sleep. Registered with the FDA, Bemer is state approved in Europe, South America and Asia, and is used in 40 countries worldwide. Bemer can be an excellent treatment with swift results for the right patient.

Vacuodermie at re:fit in Glenview

Vacuodermie® Therapy (using state-of-the-art device) proves its effectiveness by extracting toxins and invigorating tissue flexibility, which improves lymphatic flow, circulation, scar therapy, and the immune system. Vacuodermie uses custom settings and connections to improve chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, chemical sensitivity, brain fog, migraines, tender lymph nodes, disrupted sleep, and GI disturbances. Vacuodermie also mitigates symptoms from restless leg syndrome and varicose veins while promoting healing of scar tissue and burns. Vacuodermie can be used alone or with Pressotherapy™ depending on the symptoms and goals of treatment.

  • Cupping is a special way of using Vacuodermie that validates the medicinal power of circulation. During cupping, vacuum pressure is applied to the skin, which stimulates the breakup and healing of muscular scar tissue and painful lactic acid nodules. Using this technique on restricted fascia from injury can result in greater mobility and functionality.



Pressotherapy firms its hold by using solid leg compression on the body’s natural venous circulation, which stimulates healthy lymphatic flow and helps prevent illness. Restoring tissues, Pressotherapy helps those suffering from the painful effects of diabetes, hypertension, and varicose veins. Pressotherapy can be used alone or in conjunction with Vacuodermie depending on the symptoms and goals of treatment.

Melt at Refit inc

MELT Method® reveals how a simple self-treatment movement technique can help relieve chronic pain by stimulating connective tissue and manipulating pressure points to reduce inflammation. With MELT®, you will learn to quickly rehydrate connective tissue by pulling or compressing in specific ways while allowing your body to release long-held tension. Through easy, precise movements, MELT® helps erase common aches and chronic symptoms caused by habitual repetition from daily living movements. Developed by Sue Hitzmann, MELT® bodywork can be learned at re:fit and practiced at home, empowering clients to restore whole-body efficiency and lead healthier, more active lives.

The Feldenkrais method at refit

Feldenkrais Method®teaches mindful movement with its proven therapy that identifies and improves less desirable movement habits we inadvertently maintain.  It teaches how to increase sensitivity to our involuntary body stances and movements which may be counterproductive to healthy positioning and alignment. The Feldenkrais Method® is comprised of two types of treatments: Functional Integration® and Awareness Through Movement®.Feldenkrais® lessons are performed slowly without strain or pain. The object is to discover in ourselves unknown reactions so that easier, more effortless actions can be substituted.
  • Functional Integration® takes place in a private lesson. It is designed to help integrate the whole body through gentle touch and movement. The process modifies the nervous system, which allows new healthy movement patterns to hold.
  • Awareness Through Movement® is a group class where clients discover efficient ways of moving with ease through verbal cues provided by the instructor.

Deep Heart Reflexology is a path to the heart and soul. This energy-based healing system focuses on pressing reflex points on the feet, which connect to various parts of the body. It combines Eastern and Western reflexology, acupressure, aromatherapy, and sound vibration for a complete holistic treatment. Reflexology releases body tensions, improves circulation, and balances the subtle qi energy flow.